How to configure Xming and Windows

Bedrich Benes

HPCG Lab, Purdue


1)You have account on the Linux machine

2)The IP is 123.456.789.012

3)You want to use it remotely on Windows

1)Download and Install

a) putty at
It is a windows client, just executable, nothing to install.

b)   Xming at
It is a X Window System Server for Windows

2)Run XLaunch

a) Chose multiple windows

b)                        Chose “Start no client”

c)  Use Clippboard, this will allow copy&paste between Windows and X Window System.
The rest is left empty.

d)    Save configuration for later reuse. This will allow you double click on the configuration file and run the same settings.

(e) After you want to reuse, just find the icon and run:


3)Configure putty

a.  Type the correct IP address of the Linux server

b. Enable X11 Forwarding

This will make sure Xming is getting commands for displaying X11 Window System gadgets

c.  Save the configuration for putty for later reuse


In putty on the remote computer run gedit in the background:

It should open on the local screen:


Congratulations! It all worked!