Lab1 - sum of two arrays in OpenMP


Implement a sum of two bery large arrays into a third one c[i]=a[i]+b[i]
  • Implement a serial version and measure how much time it takes on a single core
  • Implement a parallel version by using #pragma opm for
  • Implement a parallel version by using #pragma opm parallel and try
    • Division of the array into equal parts
    • Each thread will process one element next to each other


Report speedup of both versions as a function of cores. Implement it both on a Windows based computer as well as on Xeon Phi computer.


Prepare a powerpoint presentation discussing the implementation and results. Show the code.

Example Results from 2017

by Abhas Deva, Kang Hao, Krs Vojtech, McGraw Jordan M., Rajasekaran Suren Deepak and Smith, Booker