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(Inverse) Procedural Modeling

Deep Learning and Deep Geometry Processing

Deep Learning and Deep Geometry Processing

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Simulation of Natural Phenomena

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3D Printing

Established in 2011, HPCG Lab focuses on geometric modeling and processing, deep learning, 3D printing, and simulation of Nature.
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  • New NSF Grant funded
  • David defended his thesis in Apri 2021
  • Oral CVPR Paper Accepted Mar 2021 - Congratulaions Yichen!
  • Ph.D. Position Available: We are looking for prospective Ph.D. students
Recent Publications
  • Yichen, S., Zhang, J., & Benes, B. (2021). SSN: Soft Shadow Network for Image Compositingin CVPR Oral
  • Gieseke, Lena and Asente, Paul and Mech, Radomir and Benes, Bedrich and Fuchs, Martin (2021) A Survey of Control Mechanisms for Creative Pattern Generation Computer Graphics Forum
  • Gaillard, M., Miao, C., Schnable, J. C., & Benes, B. (2020). Voxel carving-based 3D reconstruction of sorghum identifies genetic determinants of light interception efficiency. Plant Direct
  • Guo, J., Jiang, H., Benes, B., Deussen, O., Zhang, X., Lischinski, D., & Huang, H. (2020). Inverse Procedural Modeling of Branching Structures by Inferring L-Systems. ACM ToG