High Performance Computer Graphics Laboratory at Purdue University is a research laboratory in the fields of procedural modeling, computer and computational graphics, real-time rendering, visualization, computer animation, and perceptual problems. You can learn more about our research on this page and on the list of publications.

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New 3-D printing algorithms speed production, reduce waste2014-10-22

New software algorithms have been shown to significantly reduce the time and material needed to produce objects with 3-D printers. Two software algorithms have been created to address the problem. Researchers from Purdue University have demonstrated one approach that has been shown to reduce printing time by up to 30 percent and the quantity of support material by as much as 65 percent.

Fossil Fuel Data Assimilation System (FFDAS)2014-09-12

The Fossil Fuel Data Assimilation System. FFDAS is a data product that estimates CO2 emissions from the combustion of fossil fuel for the years 1997 to 2011 on a global, 0.1° × 0.1°, hourly grid. This data product is the result of a collaboration between Arizona State University (Drs. Kevin Robert Gurney & Salvi Asefi-Najafabady), the University of Melbourne (Dr. Peter Rayner) and Purdue University (Dr. Bedrich Benes). We are currently providing retrieval and visualization of FFDAS version 2.0. Here is a video

Congratulations to Dr. Michel2014-08-06

One of our lab members, Michel Abdul Massih Said, successfully defend his doctoral dissertation, "Motion Style Retargeting" and now is moving to Tokyo to work for the Japanese video-game company Square Enix.

Computer Graphics Forum 2014-08-06

The paper Clever Support: Efficient Support Structure Generation for Digital Fabrication was accepted to the 12th Symposium on Geometry Processing hosted at Cardiff, UK.

Congratulations to successful defense2014-04-21

Two members of our lab successfully defended their theses. Juraj Vanek, a Ph.D. candidate, defended his dissertation titled "3D Model Optimization for 3D Printing". Gustavo Alejandro Guayaquil, a M.S. candidate, defended his thesis "Woodification of polygonal meshes".


Eric GalinProcedural Modeling of Terrains with Feature Primitives
Adrien PeytavieArches: A Framework for Modeling Complex Terrains
Vlastimil Havran Parallel BTF Compression with Multi-Level Vector Quantization in OpenCL
HyungSeok KimInteractive Contents and Interaction Methods in Collaborative Workspace
Eric GalinProcedural Modeling of Large Virtual Worlds
Vera SkorkovskaModeling of Erosion Impact on the Terrain
Tomas VomackaVirtual Crowd Survey: Recent Problems & Solutions
Juraj Vanek & Michel AbdulTips for getting and surviving an internship
Radomir MechResearch in Visual Compute Lab at Adobe
Bedrich BenesComplex Cities, Biologically-Based Plants, and Terrain Modeling for Computer Graphics
Ivana KolingerovaTriangulations for Computer Graphics Applications
Juraj VanekLarge-Scale Physics-Based Terrain Editing Using Adaptive Tiles on GPU.
Michael JonesCurvature Estimation in Directable Weathering of Exposed Rock
Oliver Deussen Non-realistic rendering in computer graphics and its practical uses