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Founded in 2011, HPCG Lab focuses on geometric modeling, (high performance) geometry processing, 3D printing, and simulation of Nature. HPCG Lab youtube channel

  • Hansoo Kim defended his PhD in December 2017
  • Jorge A. Garcia defended his PhD in July 2017
  • Our new parallel computing server Phi581 is online
  • Ph.D. Position Available: We are looking for prospective Ph.D. students
  • A new course called Parallel Graphics and Simulation sponsored by Intel
  • We have been renewed as a NVIDIA GPU Teaching Center - 03/03-2016
  • Emmet Kilgarif -Vice President of NVIDIA GPU Architecture- visited our lab in September 2015
Recent Publications
  • A Simple and Robust Approach to Computation of Meshes Intersection in VISIGRAPP
  • Near-convex decomposition and layering for efficient 3D printing in Additive Manufacturing
  • Exploration of Affordances of Visuo-Haptic Simulations to Learn Concept of Friction in IEEE Frontiers in Education
  • Interactive example-based terrain authoring with conditional generative adversarial networks in ACM Transactions on Graphics (Siggraph Asia 2017)
  • Barcode: Global Binary Patterns for Fast Visual Inference in International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV)